November 2011 – IFPN to NTUA

Two researchers from IFP specialised in (a) Parallel Computing and (b) Power Electronics have been hosted by NAME-NTUA, and gave two short courses on Parallel Computing and Coupling between 0D/3D Models, and on Power Electronics Applications on hybrid propulsion systems”.

Time interval of the visit: from November 7th up to November 10th, 2011

IFP-EN members:,  Dr Julien Bohbot, Dr Abdenour Abdelli.

NAME-NTUA members: Professors J. Prousalidis, L. Kaiktsis, C. Papadopoulos, C. Frangopoulos, G. Triantafyllou, D. Lyridis, N. Ventikos, Dr D. Grekas, Dr K. Aivalis, Dr Y. Tsourakis, Dr G. Antonopoulos, Dr H. Patsios, Dr F. Kanellos.