3rd and 4th MARINELIVE Workshops

Workshop on “Prime Movers”
Workshop on “Ship Automation and Control”

November 21-23, 2012

Following the successfull organization of the 1st International MARINELIVE Conference, which has been held in Athens in June 2012, two International Workshops in “Prime Movers” and “Ship Automation and Control” will be organized this November in Athens, within the framework of the EU-funded project MARINELIVE.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Keynote paper

Title: KitVes: High Altitude Kites for Electricity Generation for Naval Applications
Presenter: Dr. M. Corongiou, Sequoia Automation

Session A1 (Chairmen: Dr. K. Hermann, Dr G. Weisser)

A1-1) L. Kaiktsis, J. Prousalidis, Turning the AES “greener” via more Efficient Thermal Engines – New Challenges
A1-2) P. Kontoulis, L. Kaiktsis, Heavy Fuel Oil thermo-physical Properties: A New Model for CFD Studies in Marine Engines
A1-3) Presentation by EXA Corporation: Use of Simulation in Propulsion Applications

Session A2 (Chairmen: Prof. C. Frangopoulos, Dr. F. Kanellos)

A2-1) I.C. Kobougias, I.P. Georgakopoulos, S.E. Dallas, A Review About Power Converters Appropriate for Marine Vessels Shaft Generator Systems
A2-2) A. Pittaras, A. Sarigiannidis, C. Patsios, A. Kladas, J. Prousalidis, Design and Comparison of Synchronous Machine Topologies for Application in Ship Shaft Generator Systems
A2-3) E. Pananakis, P. Kontoulis, C. Chryssakis, L. Kaiktsis, Investigation of Injection Strategies for Partially Premixed Combustion in a Large Marine Engine

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Keynote paper

Title: Investigations with the ‘Spray Combustion Chamber’ – A Reference Experiment for Large Diesel Engine Combustion Systems
Presenter: Dr. K. Herrmann, Wartsila Switzerland

Session B1 (Chairmen: Prof. L. Kaiktsis, Dr. C. Papadopoulos)

B1-1) A. Greig, Ship Propulsion – an Update Meeting New Regulations
B1-2) R. Bucknall, Low Carbon Shipping: The Potential of Electrical Technologies to Reduce Carbon Emissions from Ships
B1-3) S.E. Dallas, I.P. Georgakopoulos, I.C. Kobougias, A Study on Power Semiconductors Devices Appropriate for High Power Applications in AES

Keynote paper

Title: A Review of Power Electronic Converter Technologies
Presenter: Prof. C. Hodge, A. Macalindin

Session B2 (Chairmen: Prof. A. Kladas, Dr. C. Patsios)

B2-1) S. Tsotoulidis, E. Mitronikas, A. Safacas, Implementation of a Wavelet Multiresolution Controller for a BLDC motor drive system
B2-2) G. Tsekouras, F. Kanellos, Analysis of Ship Electric Power System Optimal Operation Equipped with Photovoltaics and Energy Storage System

IMarEST/RINA Joint Event: Presentation of the MARINELIVE PROJECT
• Dr. John Prousalidis, Assoc. Prof., NTUA, “Welcome note”
• Prof. Chris Hodge, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IMarEST, “Addressing note”
• Prof. Konstantinos Boulouchos, Director, Laboratory of Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems, ETH Zurich
“Large vs. Small IC Engines – similarities and differences across scales”
• Dr. German Weisser, Wartsila Switzerland
“Emissions Regulations and Implications for Marine Engine Development”

Friday, November 23, 2012

Keynote paper

Title:  Reducing Fault Energy With Variable Speed Drive Technology
Presenter:  A. Macalindin, C. Hodge, University of Trieste

Session C1 (Chairmen: Prof. R. Bucknall, Dr C. Patsios)

C1-1) E. Nikolopoulou, V. Kontargyri, I. Gkonos, G. Tsekouras, E. Pyrgioti, I. Stathopoulos, J. Prousalidis, Investigating the Protection of Ship Electric Grids Against Lightning Strikes- The DEFKALION-THALIS project
C1-2) A. Sourlagkas, On Protecting the Ship Electronic Control Equipment from Spikes

Session C2 (Chairmen: Prof. G. Korres, Dr. A. Greig)

C2-1) J. Shi , R. Amgai, Generic Modeling and Analysis Environment Design for Shipboard Power System
C2-2) Y. Tsourakis, P. Katsikas, G. Arvanitis, N. Karlovits, J. Prousalidis, The EPMACS of an AC/DC Ship Grid Emulator
C2-3) N. Theodorakatos, N. Manousakis, G. Korres, Optimal PMU Placement Using Sequential Quadratic Programming
C2-4) M. Benatmane, Typical Offshore Automation Systems – An Overview
C2-5) P. Georgilakis, G. Korres, Mathcad-based Education on Modern Transmission Systems

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