Research Team

CV of Prof. John Prousalidis

John Prousalidis is a faculty member at the School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering of NTUA since 2000. He received his Diploma and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from NTUA in 1991 and 1997, respectively. He covers the scientific area of marine electrical engineering ( He performs scientific research on All Electric Ship (AES), electric machinery and ship electric propulsion (operation and control), electric power quality on ships, and electromagnetic transients on ship electric networks. He is a reviewer in IEEE, IET Electrical Engineering, member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Power Systems on Transportation and the International Journal on Ocean System Management (IJOSM) of Inderscience Publishers, while he has been member of the Scientific Committee of the Electric Ship Technology Symposium (ESTS). In July 2004, he was the Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Co-Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference “Electroscience and Technology for Naval Engineering and All-Electric Ship”, held in Vouliagmeni (Athens, Greece). During the last 5 years, he has conducted as Project Manager 3 research projects on power quality issues in ships and offshore plants, while he is co-ordinating the EU-funded project “MARINe ELectrical InitiatiVE – MARINELIVE” (EU contract No 264057), targeted towards increasing the NTUA’s infrastructure and research potential in the area of Marine Electrical Engineering. His research work, published in esteemed journals and conference proceedings, has received about 80 citations.

CV of Prof. Lambros Kaiktsis

Lambros Kaiktsis is an Assistant Professor at NAME-NTUA since 2003. He obtained his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1987 from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and continued to earn his MSc in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University in 1990. His doctoral work at ETH-Zurich was on instability and transition to turbulence in separated flows; he earned his PhD in 1995. After spending three more years as a Research Scientist at ETH-Zurich, where he worked on the simulation of complex flow and combustion applications in super- and parallel computing environments, he worked as a consultant to the marine Diesel engine industry (Wärtsilä Switzerland), performing CFD modelling for large two-stroke marine Diesel engines. At NTUA, he was the coordinator of a number of research projects, and a member of the IP “HERCULES” research team, headed by Prof. N. Kyrtatos. His research work, published in esteemed journals and conference proceedings, has received over 250 citations. He is a reviewer of 15 Journals in the fields of fluids mechanics, internal combustion engines and combustion, and an Area Editor of the Journal “Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory”. His research interests include modelling in combustion and propulsion systems, fluid mechanics, hydrodynamic lubrication, and computational fluid dynamics.

CV of Prof. Christos Frangopoulos

Christos Frangopoulos is a Professor and Director of the Division of Marine Engineering of the School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. He has 22 years academic and 8 years industrial experience in marine and mechanical engineering. He has worked in the shipping industry, been an engineering consultant to industry/government, conducted research and taught at the National Technical University of Athens. Major contributions include methodological approaches for sustainability, utilizing Second Law, economic, and environmental considerations in the integrated synthesis/design/operation of complex energy systems; editorial board memberships; organization and presentation of engineering conferences and continuing education seminars; consultation to and representation of Greece to the EU. He holds a Diploma in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (1971), an MSc (1980) and a PhD (1983) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, on Optimization of Thermal Systems.

CV of Prof. Dimitrios V. Lyridis

Dimitrios V. Lyridis is an Assistant Professor in the area of Maritime Transport in the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NA&ME) at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He has a Diploma (1987) in NA&ME from NTUA (1987), an M.S. (1990) in NA&ME (Marine Systems Management) from the University of Michigan (UM), an M.S.E. (1990) in Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE) from UM, and a Ph.D. (1990) in NA&ME from UM as well. His main scientific areas of interest are maritime logistics and shipping finance. He has served as an expert evaluator of projects submitted for funding by the EU in the areas of maritime transport, marine technologies, and SME development.

CV of Dr. Christos I. Papadopoulos

Christos Papadopoulos is a Lecturer at the Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens since 2007. He holds a Diploma in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (1997), and a Ph.D. in Marine Engineering (2001), from the National Technical University of Athens. His research activities include hydrodynamic lubrication of journal and thrust bearings using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), effects of artificial surface texturing on the performance of lubricating contacts, dynamics of marine propulsion and power transmission systems, parametric design and optimization of machine elements, numerical simulation of sound propagation and sound-structure interaction, and modeling and identification of dynamical systems, with emphasis on coupled structural acoustic systems. Dr. Papadopoulos has been a research associate in several research projects funded by the EU and the Greek Government.