1st & 2nd MARINELIVE Workshops

Workshop on “Propulsion Systems”
Workshop on “Electric Machines and Power Converters”

January 11-13, 2012

(Download the Workshops papers in pdf format )

VENUE: National Hellenic Research Foundation, 48 Vassileos Constantinou Ave., 11635 Athens, Greece


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keynote paper

Title: Current Trends in Marine Propulsion Systems
Presenter: Dr. I. Vlaskos, Ricardo Deutschland

Session A1 (Chairmen: Dr. I. Vlaskos, Dr. D. Grekas)

A1-1) Kaiktsis L., Chryssakis C., CFD Modeling and Optimization of Marine Diesel Engines
A1-2) Efstathiou E., Aivalis K., Kaiktsis L., Viscosity Modeling for Heavy Fuel Oil as a Colloidal Suspension System
A1-3) Sofras E., Perissakis S., Prousalidis J., Leontis P., The Cunama Project: a Passenger Ship with Electric Propulsion Under Study

Session A2 (Chairmen: Prof. L. Kaiktsis, Dr. K. Aivalis)

A2-1) Grigoropoulos G., Contribution of Hull Form Design in Propulsive Efficiency
A2-2) Grekas D.N., Frangopoulos C.A., An Artificial Intelligence Method for Optimal Synthesis of Thermal Power Plants
A2-3) Kontoulis P., Kaiktsis L., Dual Fuel Marine Engines: Current Status and Prospects

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keynote paper

Title: DC Power System Stability
Presenter: Prof. C.G. Hodge, IMarEST

Session B1 (Chairmen: Dr. A. Greig, Dr. R. Bucknall)

B1-1) Tsampouris E., Kakosimos P., Kladas A., Estimation and Characterization of PM Motor Harmonic Losses for the Control of “More-Green” Aerospace Actuators
B1-2) Mitoronikas E., Tatakis E., Migrating the Experience of Industrial Systems to Electric Ships: Propulsion Motors and Fault Detection
B1-3) Polychronopoulos P., Moschoudis A., Patsios C., Prousalidis J., Parametric Design and Performance Analysis of Electrical Machines for Marine Propulsion Systems
B1-4) Michalopoulos P., Kalogrias C., Kanellos F., Tsekouras G., Experimental Investigation of Energy Saving Using Power Electronics to Operate Ship Induction Electric Motors

Keynote paper

Title: Using Simulation Software to Design and Analyse Electrical Machines
Presenter: Mr J. Vayrette, CEDRAT

Session B2 (Chairmen: Prof. A. Kladas, Dr. C. Patsios)

B2-1) Kappatou J., Gyftakis K., Pallis I., Modern Evolutions on Electrical Machines Design and Analysis
B2-2) Gyparakis D., Apostolopoulos A., Patsios C., Laskaris K., Kladas A., Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives for Electric Vehicle Applications
B2-3) Le Berr F., Abdelli  A., Postariu D.M., Design and Modelling Tool for Electric Machines:  A Great Help Towards Transport Electrification
B2-4) Arvanitis G., Karlovits N., Tsourakis G., Ship Electric Power System Emulator

Friday, January 13, 2012

Keynote paper

Title:  Generating Systems for Next and Future Shipboard Integrated Power Systems
Presenter:  Prof. G. Sulligoi, University of Trieste

Session B3 (Chairmen: Prof. E. Tatakis, Dr. G. Mitronikas)

B3-1) Onder C., Engine Systems Activities of IDSC/ETH with Special Focus on Energy Management
B3-2) Greig A., Bucknall R., Challenges for Electric Ship Design in a Low Carbon Economy
B3-3) Benatmane M., Novel Generator Technology